Rainforest Emu2 Driver Configuration

The Emu2 is a device for connecting to and reading data from smart power meters. We have an experimental driver to talk to this device. It requires cloning the Rainforest Automation library which can be found here.


The Emu Serial Api library has its own dependencies which should be installed with pip while the VOLTTRON environment is activated.

The Emu2 device interface is configured as follows. Set emu_library_path to the location of the cloned library. tty should be set to the name of the Emu2’s character special file. One way to find this is to run dmesg before and after plugging in the Emu2, and checking the new output.

    "driver_config": {
        "tty": "ttyACM0",
        "emu_library_path": "/home/volttron/Emu-Serial-Api"
    "driver_type": "rainforestemu2",
    "interval": 30,
    "registry_config": "config://emu2.json",
    "timezone": "UTC"

The registry config file referred to in the first configuration must be an array of strings. This tells the interface which data points should be retrieved from the device every interval. If the NetworkInfo point is omitted it will be included automatically.