Using Third Party DriversΒΆ

In some cases you will need to use a driver provided by a third-party to interact with a device. While the interface file can be copied into services/core/MasterDriverAgent/master_driver/interfaces this does not work well with third-party code that is under source control.

The recommended method is to create a symbolic link to the interface file in services/core/MasterDriverAgent/master_driver/interfaces. This will work in both a development environment and in production. When packing the agent for installation a copy of the linked file will be put in the resulting wheel file.

#A copy of the interface file lives in ~/my_driver/
#Create the link
ln -s ~/my_driver/ services/core/MasterDriverAgent/master_driver/interfaces/

#remove the link
rm services/core/MasterDriverAgent/master_driver/interfaces/