VOLTTRON™ is an open-source distributed control and sensing platform for integrating buildings and the power grid. VOLTTRON connects devices, agents in the platform, agents in the Cloud, and signals from the power grid. The platform also supports use cases such as demand response and integration of distributed renewable energy sources.

VOLTTRON provides an environment for agent execution and serves as a single point of contact for interfacing with devices (rooftop units, building systems, meters, etc.), external resources, and platform services such as data archival and retrieval. VOLTTRON applications are referred to as agents since VOLTTRON provides an agent-based programming paradigm to ease application development and minimize the lines of code that need to be written by domain experts such as buildings engineers. VOLTTRON provides a collection of utility and helper classes that simplifies agent development.

The VOLTTRON white paper provides an overview of the capabilities of the platform: https://volttron.org/sites/default/files/publications/PNNL-25499_VOLTTRON_2016.pdf