Fake Device Driver Configuration

This driver does not connect to any actual device and instead produces random and or pre-configured values.


There are no arguments for the “driver_config” section of the device configuration file. The driver_config entry must still be present and should be left blank

Here is an example device configuration file:

    "driver_config": {},
    "driver_type": "bacnet",
    "interval": 5,
    "timezone": "UTC",
    "heart_beat_point": "heartbeat"

A sample fake device configuration file can be found in the VOLTTRON repository in examples/configurations/drivers/fake.config

Fake Device Registry Configuration File

The registry configuration file is a CSV file. Each row configures a point on the device.

The following columns are required for each row:

  • Volttron Point Name - The name by which the platform and agents running on the platform will refer to this point. For instance, if the Volttron Point Name is HeatCall1 (and using the example device configuration above) then an agent would use pnnl/isb2/hvac1/HeatCall1 to refer to the point when using the RPC interface of the actuator agent.
  • Units - Used for meta data when creating point information on the historian.
  • Writable - Either “TRUE” or “FALSE”. Determines if the point can be written to. Only points labeled TRUE can be written to through the ActuatorAgent. Points labeled “TRUE” incorrectly will cause an error to be returned when an agent attempts to write to the point.

The following columns are optional:

  • Starting Value - Initial value for the point. If the point is reverted it will change back to this value. By default, points will start with a random value (1-100).

  • Type - Value type for the point. Defaults to “string”. Valid types are:

    • string
    • integer
    • float
    • boolean

Any additional columns will be ignored. It is common practice to include a Point Name or Reference Point Name to include the device documentation’s name for the point and Notes and Unit Details for additional information about a point. Please note that there is nothing in the driver that will enforce anything specified in the Unit Details column.

Volttron Point Name Units Units Details Writable Starting Value Type Notes
Heartbeat On/Off On/Off TRUE 0 boolean Point for heartbeat toggle
OutsideAirTemperature1 F -100 to 300 FALSE 50 float CO2 Reading 0.00-2000.0 ppm
SampleWritableFloat1 PPM 10.00 (default) TRUE 10 float Setpoint to enable demand control ventilation
SampleLong1 Enumeration 1 through 13 FALSE 50 int Status indicator of service switch
SampleWritableShort1 % 0.00 to 100.00 (20 default) TRUE 20 int Minimum damper position during the standard mode
SampleBool1 On / Off on/off FALSE TRUE boolean Status indicator of cooling stage 1
SampleWritableBool1 On / Off on/off TRUE TRUE boolean Status indicator

A sample fake registry configuration file can be found here or in the VOLTTRON repository in examples/configurations/drivers/fake.csv