Chargepoint Driver

Chargepoint Driver Configuration

The chargepoint driver requires at least one additional python library and has its own requirements.txt. Make sure to run:

pip install -r <chargepoint driver path>/requirements.txt

before using this driver.


There are three arguments for the driver_config section of the device configuration file:

  • stationID - Chargepoint ID of the station. This format is usually ‘1:00001’

  • username - Login credentials for the Chargepoint API

  • password- Login credentials for the Chargepoint API

The Chargepoint login credentials are generated in the Chargepoint web portal and require a Chargepoint account with sufficient privileges. Station IDs are also available on the web portal.

Here is an example device configuration file:

    "driver_config": {"stationID": "3:12345",
                      "username": "4b90fc0ae5fe8b6628e50af1215d4fcf5743a6f3c63ee1464012875",
                      "password": "ebaf1a3cdfb80baf5b274bdf831e2648"},
    "driver_type": "chargepoint",
    "interval": 60,
    "timezone": "UTC",
    "heart_beat_point": "heartbeat"

A sample Chargepoint configuration file can be found in the VOLTTRON repository in examples/configurations/drivers/chargepoint1.config

Chargepoint Registry Configuration File

The registry configuration file is a CSV file. Each row configures a point on the device.

The following columns are required for each row:

  • Volttron Point Name - The name by which the platform and agents running on the platform will refer to this point.

  • Attribute Name - Chargepoint API attribute name. This determines the field that will be read from the API response and must be one of the allowed values.

  • Port # - If the point describes a specific port on the Chargestation, it is defined here. (Note 0 and an empty value are equivalent.)

  • Type - Python type of the point value.

  • Units - Used for meta data when creating point information on the historian.

  • Writable - Either “TRUE” or “FALSE”. Determines if the point can be written to. Only points labeled TRUE can be written.

  • Notes - Miscellaneous notes field.

  • Register Name - A string representing how to interpret the data register. Acceptable values are:
    • StationRegister

    • StationStatusRegister

    • LoadRegister

    • AlarmRegister

    • StationRightsRegister

  • Starting Value - Default value for writeable points. Read-only points should not have a value in this column.

Detailed descriptions for all available Chargepoint registers may be found in the README.rst in the Chargepoint driver directory.

A sample Chargepoint registry file can be found in the VOLTTRON repository in examples/configurations/drivers/chargepoint.csv