Simulation Integration FrameworkΒΆ

This framework provides a way to integrate different types of simulation platforms with VOLTTRON. Integration with specific simulation platforms are all built upon the BaseSimIntegration class which provides common APIs needed to interface with different types of simulation platforms. Each of the concrete simulation class extends the BaseSimIntegration class and is responsible for interfacing with a particular simulation platform. Using these concrete simulation objects, agents will be able to use the APIs provided by them to participate in a simulation, send inputs to the simulation and receive outputs from the simulation and act on them. Currently, we have implementations for integrating with HELICS, GridAPPSD and EnergyPlus. If one wants to integrate with a new simulation platform, then one has to extend the BaseSimIntegration class and provide concrete implementation for each of the APIs provided by the BaseSimIntegration class. For details on the BaseSimIntegration class, please refer to volttron/platform/agent/base_simulation_integration/