VOLTTRON Central Management Overview

VOLTTRON Central is responsible for controlling multiple VOLTTRON instances with a single management instance. The managed VOLTTRON instances can be either local or remote. Each managed instance will have a VOLTTRON Central Platform agent installed and running to interface with the primary VOLTTRON Central agent.

VC-VCP Overview

There is a VOLTTRON Central Deployment Demo that will allow you to quickly setup and see the current offerings of the interface.

VOLTTRON Central will allow you to:

  • See a list of platforms being managed.

  • Add and remove platforms.

  • Install, start and stop agents on the managed platforms.

  • Create dynamic graphs from the historians based upon data points.

  • Execute functions on remote platforms.

Volttron Central Agent

The VOLTTRON Central (VC) agent serves a web-based management UI that interfaces with the VOLTTRON Central web API.

VOLTTRON Central Platform Agent

The VOLTTRON Central Platform (VCP) Agent allows communication with a VOLTTRON Central instance. Each VOLTTRON instance managed by VOLTTRON Central should have only one Platform Agent. The Platform Agent must have the VIP Identity of platform.agent which is specified as default by VOLTTRON known identities.

Additional VOLTTRON Central Resources