VOLTTRON™ documentation!


VOLTTRON™ is an open-source platform for distributed sensing and control. The platform provides services for collecting and storing data from buildings and devices and provides an environment for developing applications that interact with that data.


Out of the box VOLTTRON provides:

  • a secure message bus allowing agents to subscribe to data sources and publish results and messages.
  • secure connectivity between multiple VOLTTRON instances.
  • BACnet, ModBus and other device/system protocol connectivity through our driver framework for collecting data from and sending control actions to buildings and devices.
  • automatic data capture and retrieval through our historian framework.
  • platform based agent lifecycle management.
  • a web based management tool for managing several instances from a central instance.
  • the ability to easily extend the functionality of existing agents or create new ones for your specific purposes.


VOLTTRON™ is written in Python 3.6 and runs on Linux Operating Systems. For users unfamiliar with those technologies, the following resources are recommended:


The project is licensed under Apache 2 license.


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