Version History

VOLTTRON 1.0 – 1.2

  • Agent execution platform
  • Message bus
  • Modbus and BACnet drivers
  • Historian
  • Data logger
  • Device scheduling
  • Device actuation
  • Multi-node communication
  • Weather service


  • Advanced Security Features
  • Guaranteed resource allocation to agents using execution contracts
  • Signing and verification of agent packaging
  • Agent mobility
  • Admin can send agents to another platform
  • Agent can request to move
  • Enhanced command framework


  • Modularize Data Historian
  • Modularize Device Drivers
  • Secure and accountable communication using the VIP
  • Web Console for Monitoring and Administering VOLTTRON Deployments


  • Documentation moved to ReadTheDocs
  • VOLTTRON Configuration Wizard
  • Configuration store to dynamically configure agents
  • Aggregator agent for aggregating topics
  • More reliable remote install mechanism
  • UI for device configuration
  • Automatic registration of VOLTTRON instances with management agent


  • Tagging service for attaching metadata to topics for simpler retrieval
  • Message bus performance improvement
  • Multi-platform publish/subscribe for simpler coordination across platforms
  • Drivers contributed back for SEP 2.0 and ChargePoint EV


  • Maintained backward compatibility with communication between zmq and rmq deployments.
  • Added DarkSky Weather Agent
  • Web Based Additions
  • Added CSR support for multiplatform communication
  • Added SSL support to the platform for secure communication
  • Backported SSL support to zmq based deployments.
  • Upgraded VC to use the platform login.
  • Added docker support to the test environment for easier Rabbitmq testing.
  • Updated volttron-config (vcfg) to support both RabbitMQ and ZMQ including https based instances.
  • Added test support for RabbitMQ installations of all core agents.
  • Added multiplatform (zmq and rmq based platform) testing.
  • Integrated RabbitMQ documentation into the core documentation.


Python3 Upgrade

  • Update libraries to appropriate and compatible versions
  • String handling efficiency
  • Encode/Decode of strings has been simplified and centralized
  • Added additional test cases for frame serialization in ZMQ
  • Syntax updates such difference in handling exceptions, dictionaries, sorting lists, pytest markers etc.
  • Made bootstrap process simpler
  • Resolved gevent monkey patch issues when using third party libraries

RabbitMQ Message Bus

Config store secured

  • Agents can prevent other agents from modifying their configuration store entry

Known Issues which will be dealt with for the final release:

  • Python 3.7 has conflicts with some libraries such as gevent
  • The VOLTTRON Central agent is not fully integrated into Python3
  • CFFI library has conflicts on the Raspian OS which interferes with bootstrapping