3.X drivers

Changes from v2.X

  • PNNL Point Name is now: Volttron Point Name
  • Drivers are now agents
  • No more smap config file, now it is an Agent config file.
  • MODBUS, add port argument to driver_config dictionary
  • BACnet Change of Value services are supported by the Master Driver Agent starting with version 3.2.
  • Agent config file has links to driver config files which have links to driver register file.

Edit the master driver config. This points to the configuration files for specific drivers. Each of these drivers uses a CSV file to specify their points (registry file).

Master Driver Config

  • agentid - name of agent

  • driver_config_list - list of configuration files for drivers under this master

    “agentid”: “master_driver”,
    “driver_config_list”: [

Device Driver Config

  • driver_config - driver specific information, modbus just needs the ip for the device being controlled

  • campus/building/unit - path to the device

  • driver_type - specify the type of driver (modbus, bacnet, custom)

  • registry_config - the registry file specifying points to collect

  • interval - how often to grab/publish data

  • timezone - TZ of data being collected

  • heart_beat_point - registry point to use as a hearbeat to indicate that VOLTTRON is still controlling device

    “driver_config”: {“device_address”: “”,
    “proxy_address”: “9f18c8d7-ec4b-4674-ad49-e7d0d3328f99”},
    “campus”: “campus”,
    “building”: “building”,
    “unit”: “bacnet1”,
    “driver_type”: “bacnet”,
    “interval”: 5,
    “timezone”: “UTC”