VOLTTRON Central Agent

The VOLTTRON Central agent allows the control of remote VOLTTRON platforms through the registered platform agents. The registration of platforms can be initiated from a remote platform agent. Once a platform agent is registered the allowed operations are start, stop, install, and run methods on the registered platform's agents.


The agentid does not have to be unique. It is what will be used as a human readable name on volttron central. If it is not set the default 'volttron central' will be used. The default config file is pasted below. in the following.

# By default the webroot will be relative to the installation directory
# of the agent when it is installed.  One can override this by specifying
# the root directory here.
# "webroot": "path/to/webroot",

Security Considerations

When deploying any web agent, including VOLTTRON Central, it is important to consider security. Please refer to the documentation for Security Considerations of Deployment. In particular, it would be recommended to consider the use of a reverse proxy.