VOLTTRON™ documentation!


VOLTTRON™ is an open-source platform for distributed sensing and control. The platform provides services for collecting and storing data from buildings and devices and provides an environment for developing applications that interact with that data.


  • a secure message bus allowing connectivity between modules on individual platforms and between platform instances in large scale deployments
  • a flexible agent framework allowing users to adapt the platform to their unique use-cases
  • a configurable driver framework for collecting data from and sending control signals to buildings and devices
  • automatic data capture and retrieval through our historian framework
  • an extensible web framework allowing users and services to securely connect to the platform from anywhere

VOLTTRON™ is open source and publicly available from GitHub. The project is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and receives ongoing updates from a team of core developers at PNNL. The VOLTTRON team encourages and appreciates community involvement including issues and pull requests on Github, meetings at our bi-weekly office-hours and on Slack. To be invited to office-hours or slack, please send the team an email.

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