The Emailer agent allows an instance of the VOLTTRON platform to send email. When used in combination with the Alert agent, alerts from unpublished configured devices will automatically be sent. In addition, agents are able to send emails directly through the pub/sub interface.

Agents needing to send an email through the instance can do so by sending the following header and message to the platform/send_email topic which is monitored by the Emailer agent. The following is the expected payload for the message body and the optional header.

Optional Headers

Emails by default will be sent to the initial configured email addresses. The below headers will overwrite those properties for the current email being sent.

    "from-address": '',
    "to-addresses": ['', '']

Required Message Body

    "subject": "I am a happy camper",
    "message": "This is a big long string message that I am sending"

Example Sending of Email

headers = {
    "from-address": '',
    "to-addresses": ['', '']

message = {
    "subject": "I am a happy camper",
    "message": "This is a big long string message that I am sending"
}'pubsub', topic='platform/send_email',
                        headers=headers, message=message)

Configuration Options

The following JSON configuration file shows all the options currently supported by the Forward Historian agent.

    # The smtp-address (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to ship the email
    # from (the "from-address" to each of the recipients).
    "smtp-address": "",

    # The smtp-username is to provide the username of the SMTP server
    # which is being used for sending the messages.

    # The smtp-password is to provide the password of the SMTP server
    # corresponding to the username which is being used for sending the messages.

    # The smtp-port is to provide the port of the SMTP server.

    # The smtp-tls yes or no if we want to use TLS.

    # The sending address of the email.  This value will be listed in the
    # FROM attributed of the message envelop.  It will also be show in the
    # reply of the message when a recipient chooses reply from their
    # email client.
    "from-address": "",

    # A list of default email addresses for sending alerts to.  Each
    # address will be sent a copy of the email as if from a mailing list.
    "to-addresses": [

    # When an alert is sent typically it can have the effect of being
    # sent many times.  This setting throttles the sending of email only
    # after a specific number of minutes.
    # DEFAULT: "allow-frequency-minutes": 60
    "allow-frequency-minutes": 120