Agent Watcher

The Agent Watcher is used to monitor agents running on a VOLTTRON instance. Specifically it monitors whether a set of VIP identities (peers) are connected to the instance. If any of the peers in the set are not present then an alert will be sent.


The agent has two configuration values:

  • watchlist: a list of VIP identities to watch on the platform instance

  • check-period: interval in seconds between the agent watcher checking the platform peerlist and publishing alerts

    "watchlist": [
    "check-period": 10

Example Publish

The following is an example publish from a platform with an instance of the Platform Driver installed but not running.

Peer: pubsub
Sender: watcheragent-0.1_1
Topic: alerts/AgentWatcher/james_watcheragent-0_1_1
Headers: {'alert_key': 'AgentWatcher', 'min_compatible_version': '3.0', 'max_compatible_version': ''}
Message:  ('{"status": "BAD", "context": "Agent(s) expected but but not running '
           '[\'platform.driver\']", "last_updated": "2021-01-25T23:25:43.065109+00:00"}')