Source code for volttroncentral.authenticate

    A simple authorization for authenticating users with known credentials.

    @author: Craig Allwardt
import hashlib

[docs]class Authenticate: def __init__(self, user_map): """ Expected usermap of user: { password: 'sha256password', groups: { ['group1', 'group2'] } } """ self.users = user_map
[docs] def authenticate(self, username, password): """ Authenticate that the user is known to the system. Return groups of the user if the user is known otherwise returns None. :param username: :param password: :return: list(groups) or None """ if username in self.users.keys(): # Do a naive hash of the user supplied password and if success return # the groups that the user holds. if self.users[username]['password'] == hashlib.sha512(password).hexdigest(): return self.users[username]['groups'] return None