platform_driver.interfaces.IEEE2030_5 module

class platform_driver.interfaces.IEEE2030_5.IEEE2030_5Register(read_only, point_name, IEEE2030_5_resource_name, IEEE2030_5_field_name, units, data_type, default_value=None, description='')[source]

Bases: platform_driver.interfaces.BaseRegister

Register for all IEEE 2030.5 interface attributes.


Cast the point value to the correct data type, set the register value, update the cache timestamp.

property value
class platform_driver.interfaces.IEEE2030_5.Interface(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: platform_driver.interfaces.BasicRevert, platform_driver.interfaces.BaseInterface

IEEE 2030.5 device driver interface.

This driver gets, and sends, device data by issuing RPC calls to IEEE 2030.5Agent, (see its source code in services/core/IEEE2030_5Agent), which communicates with IEEE 2030.5 devices via a web interface.

For further information about this subsystem, please see the VOLTTRON IEEE 2030.5 DER Support specification, which is located in VOLTTRON readthedocs under specifications/IEEE2030_5_agent.html.

Test drivers for the IEEE 2030.5 interface can be configured as follows:

cd $VOLTTRON_ROOT export DRIVER_ROOT=$VOLTTRON_ROOT/services/core/PlatformDriverAgent/platform_driver volttron-ctl config store platform.driver IEEE2030_5.csv $DRIVER_ROOT/IEEE2030_5.csv –csv volttron-ctl config store platform.driver devices/IEEE2030_5_1 $DRIVER_ROOT/test_IEEE2030_5_1.config volttron-ctl config store platform.driver devices/IEEE2030_5_2 $DRIVER_ROOT/test_IEEE2030_5_2.config echo IEEE2030_5 drivers configured for PlatformDriver: volttron-ctl config list platform.driver


Issue a IEEE2030_5Agent RPC call to initialize the point configuration.

call_agent_rpc(rpc_name, point_name=None, value=None)[source]

Issue a IEEE2030_5Agent RPC call (get_point, get_points, or set_point), and return the result.

configure(config_dict, registry_config)[source]

Configures the Interface for the specific instance of a device.

  • config_dict (dict) – The “driver_config” section of the driver configuration file.

  • registry_config_str (str) – The contents of the registry configuration file.

This method must setup register representations of all points on a device by creating instances of BaseRegister (or a subclass) and adding them to the Interface with BaseInterface.insert_register().

get_point(point_name, **kwargs)[source]

Get the point value, fetching it from IEEE2030_5Agent if not already cached.


Return a dictionary of all register definitions, indexed by Volttron Point Name.