volttron.platform.lib package


volttron.platform.lib.kwonlyargs module

Support functions for implementing keyword-only arguments.

This module is designed to make it easy to support keyword-only arguments in Python 2.7 while providing the same kind of exceptions one would see with Python 3.x.

Basic usage:

def foo(arg1, *args, **kwargs):
    # Use required context manager to convert KeyError exceptions
    # to TypeError with an appropriate message.
    with required:
        arg2 = kwargs.pop('arg2')
        arg3 = kwargs.pop('arg3')
    # Provide a default to pop for optional arguments
    arg4 = kwargs.pop('arg4', 'default value')
    # Include the next line to disallow additional keyword args

Raise TypeError if kwargs is not empty.

volttron.platform.lib.prctl module

Python interface to Linux process control mechanism.

Exports prctl system call.

See also prctl(2).

volttron.platform.lib.prctl.prctl(option, *args)[source]

Perform control operations on a process using prctl(2).

Perform control operations on a process by passing in one of the PR_GET_* or PR_SET_* options and any additional arguments as specified by the prctl documentation. The result varies based on the option. An OSError exception is raised on error.

See also prctl(2).