Repository Structure

There are several options for using the VOLTTRON code depending on whether you require the most stable version of the code or want the latest updates as they happen. In order of decreasing stability and increasing currency:

For most stable, download the source code for the latest release at: These are purely source code and are not tied to the git repository. To update them will require downloading the newest source code and re-installing.

The master branch is now the default branch for VOLTTRON (meaning this is what you clone if you do not use the “-b” option). This branch will get the latest stable features as they are pushed. The current major version is 7.x.

The “develop” branch contains the latest features as they are developed. Once a feature is considered “finished” it is merged back into develop. Develop will be merged into master once it is considered stable and ready for release. This branch can be cloned by those wanting to work from the latest version of the platform but should not be used in deployments.

Features are developed on “feature” branches or developers’ forks of the main repository. It is not recommended to clone these branches except for exploring a new feature.