VIP Known Identities

It is critical for systems to have known locations for receiving resources and services from in a networked environment. The following table details the vip identities that are reserved for VOLTTRON specific usage.

VIP Identity Sphere of Influence Notes
platform Platform  
platform.agent Platform The PlatformAgent is responsible for this identity. It is used to allow the VolttronCentralAgent to control and individual platform.
volttron.central Multi-Network The default identity for a VolttronCentralAgent. The PlatformAgent by default will use this as it’s manager, but can be overridden in the configuration file of individual agents.
platform.historian platform An individual platform may have many historians available to it, however the only one that will be available through Volttron Central by default will be called this. Note that this does not require a specific type of historian, just that it’s VIP Identity.
control platform Control is used to control the individual platform. From the command line when issuing any volttron-ctl operations or when using Volttron Central.
pubsub platform Pub/Sub subsystem router
platform.actuator actuator Agent which coordinates sending control commands to devices. platform The configuration subsystem service agent on the platform.
platform.driver devices The default identity for the Master Driver Agent.