Forward Historian

The primary use case for the ForwardHistorian is to send data to another instance of VOLTTRON as if the data were live. This allows agents running on a more secure and/or more powerful machine to run analysis on data being collected on a potentially less secure/powerful board.

Given this use case, it is not optimized for batching large amounts of data when liveness is not needed. For this use case, please see the DataMover Historian.

The forward historian can be found in the services/core directory.


The default configuration file is services/core/ForwardHistorian/config . Change destination-vip to point towards the foreign Volttron instance.

    "agentid": "forwarder",
    "destination-vip": "ipc://@/home/volttron/.volttron/run/vip.socket"

In order to send to a remote platform, you will need its VIP address and server key. The server key can be found by running

vctl auth serverkey

Put the result into the following example (Note the example uses a local IP address)

    "agentid": "forwarder",
    "destination-vip": "tcp://",
    "destination-serverkey": "<SOME_KEY>"

Adding the configuration option below will limit the backup cache to n gigabytes. This will keep your hard drive from filling up if the agent is disconnected from its target for a long time.

"backup_storage_limit_gb": n

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