VOLTTRON Restricted Code

Volttron Restricted adds a broader security layer on top of the volttron platform. If you are interested in this package please contact the volttron team at volttron@pnnl.gov.

  • NOTE: Once the package is installed all aspects of the package will be enforced. To override the behavior add no-verify, no-mobility, or no-resource-monitor to the configuration file.

The Volttron Restricted package contains the following security enhancements:

  • The creation and usage of platform specific Certificate Authority (CA) certificates.
  • Multi-level signing of agent packages.
  • Multi-level verification of signed packages during agent execution.
  • Command line and agent based mobility.
  • Allows developer to customize an execution contract for required resources on the current and move requested platform.

The following pages describe the functionality exposed by the Volttron Restricted package:

Note: VOLTTRON-Restricted supports VOLTTRON 2.x and is being update to VOLTTRON 3.5

Installation —

VOLTTRON-Restricted requires a software development tool called SWIG (>=2.0.4). To install VOLTTRON-Restricted, follow the steps below. Enter all terminal commands from the VOLTTRON directory.

  • Extract the VOLTTRON-Restricted code to a new directory. These steps assume the location is ~/volttron-restricted

  • Install VOLTTRON-Restricted dependency:

    sudo apt-get install swig

  • Activate the VOLTTRON Platform (note the space after the period):

    . env/bin/activate

  • Install VOLTTRON-Restricted:

    pip install -e ~/volttron-restricted

Successful install of VOLTTRON-Restricted