Topic Watcher Agent

The Topic Watcher Agent subscribes to a set of configured topics and publishes an alert if they are not published within a specified time limit. In addition to “standard” topics the Topic Watcher Agent supports inspecting device all topics. This can be useful when a device contains volatile points that may not be published.


Topics are organied by groups. Any alerts raised will summarize all missing topics in the group.

Individual topics have two configuration options. For standard topics configuration consists of a key value pair of the topic to its time limit.

The other option is for all publishes. The topic key is paired with a dictionary that has two keys, “seconds” and “points”. “seconds” is the topic’s time limit and “points” is a list of points to watch.

    "groupname": {
        "devices/fakedriver0/all": 10,

        "devices/fakedriver1/all": {
            "seconds": 10,
            "points": ["temperature", "PowerState"]