Authentication Commands

All authentication sub-commands can be viewed by entering following command.

volttron-ctl auth --help
optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-c FILE, --config FILE
                        read configuration from FILE
--debug                     show tracbacks for errors rather than a brief message
-t SECS, --timeout SECS
                        timeout in seconds for remote calls (default: 30)
--vip-address ZMQADDR
                        ZeroMQ URL to bind for VIP connections
--keystore-file FILE        use keystore from FILE
--known-hosts-file FILE
                        get known-host server keys from FILE

    add                 add new authentication record
    add-group           associate a group name with a set of roles
    add-known-host      add server public key to known-hosts file
    add-role            associate a role name with a set of capabilities
    keypair             generate CurveMQ keys for encrypting VIP connections
    list                list authentication records
    list-groups         show list of group names and their sets of roles
    list-known-hosts    list entries from known-hosts file
    list-roles          show list of role names and their sets of capabilities
    publickey           show public key for each agent
    remove              removes one or more authentication records by indices
    remove-group        disassociate a group name from a set of roles
    remove-known-host   remove entry from known-hosts file
    remove-role         disassociate a role name from a set of capabilities
    serverkey           show the serverkey for the instance
    update              updates one authentication record by index
    update-group        update group to include (or remove) given roles
    update-role         update role to include (or remove) given capabilities

Authentication record

An authentication record consist of following parameters

domain []:
address []: Either a single agent identity or an array of agents identities
user_id []: Arbitrary string to indentify the agent
capabilities (delimit multiple entries with comma) []: Array of strings referring to authorized capabilities defined by exported RPC methods
roles (delimit multiple entries with comma) []:
groups (delimit multiple entries with comma) []:
mechanism [CURVE]:
credentials []: Public key string for the agent
comments []:
enabled [True]:

For more details on how to create authentication record, please see section Agent Authentication