Tagging Agents

Agents can be tagged as they are installed with:

volttron-ctl install <TAG>=<AGENT_PACKAGE>

Agents can be tagged after installation with:

volttron-ctl tag <AGENT_UUID> <TAG>

Agents can be “tagged” to provide a meaningful user defined way to reference the agent instead of the uuid or the name. This allows users to differentiate between instances of agents which use the same codebase but are configured differently. For instance, the AFDDAgent can be configured to work against a single HVAC unit and can have any number of instances running on one platform. A tagging scheme for this could be by unit: afdd-rtu1, afdd-rtu2, etc.

Commands which operate off an agent’s UUID can optionally operate off the tag by using “–tag “. This can use wildcards to catch multiple agents at once.