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# under Contract DE-AC05-76RL01830
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import logging
import urlparse
import uuid
import os

import gevent

from volttron import platform
from volttron.platform import get_home
from volttron.platform.agent.utils import get_aware_utc_now
from import Agent
from volttron.platform.web import build_vip_address_string

__version__ = '1.0.3'
__author__ = 'Craig Allwardt <>'


[docs]class Connection(object): """ A class that manages a connection to a peer and/or server. """ def __init__(self, address, peer=None, publickey=None, secretkey=None, serverkey=None, volttron_home=None, **kwargs): self._log = logging.getLogger(__name__) self._log.debug("Connection: {}, {}, {}, {}, {}" .format(address, peer, publickey, secretkey, serverkey)) self._address = address self._peer = peer self._serverkey = None if peer is None: self._log.warn('Peer is non so must be passed in call method.') self.volttron_home = volttron_home if self.volttron_home is None: self.volttron_home = os.path.abspath(platform.get_home()) if address.startswith('ipc'): full_address = address else: parsed = urlparse.urlparse(address) if parsed.scheme == 'tcp': qs = urlparse.parse_qs(parsed.query) self._log.debug('QS IS: {}'.format(qs)) if 'serverkey' in qs: self._serverkey = qs.get('serverkey') else: self._serverkey = serverkey # Handle case when the address has all the information in it. if 'serverkey' in qs.keys() and 'publickey' in qs.keys() and \ 'secretkey' in qs.keys(): full_address = address else: full_address = build_vip_address_string( vip_root=address, serverkey=serverkey, publickey=publickey, secretkey=secretkey ) elif parsed.scheme == 'ipc': full_address = address else: raise AttributeError( 'Invalid address type specified. ipc or tcp accepted.') self._server = Agent(address=full_address, volttron_home=self.volttron_home, enable_store=False, reconnect_interval=1000, **kwargs) # TODO the following should work as well, but doesn't. Not sure why! # self._server = Agent(address=address, serverkey=serverkey, # secretkey=secretkey, publickey=publickey, # enable_store=False, # volttron_home=self.volttron_home, **kwargs) self._greenlet = None self._connected_since = None self._last_publish = None self._last_publish_failed = False self._last_rpc_call = None # Make the actual attempt to connect to the server. self.is_connected() @property def serverkey(self): return self._serverkey @property def last_publish_failed(self): return self._last_publish_failed @property def connected_since(self): return self._connected_since @property def last_publish(self): return self._last_publish @property def last_rpc_call(self): return self._last_rpc_call @property def address(self): return self._address @property def peer(self): return self._peer @property def server(self): if self._greenlet is None: event = gevent.event.Event() self._greenlet = gevent.spawn(, event) try: with gevent.Timeout(DEFAULT_TIMEOUT): event.wait() except gevent.Timeout: self.kill() self._greenlet = None raise self._connected_since = get_aware_utc_now() if self.peer: if self.peer not in self._log.warn('peer {} not found connected to router.'.format( self.peer )) return self._server
[docs] def peers(self, timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT): return
[docs] def is_connected(self, timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT): return self.server.core.connected and self.is_peer_connected(timeout)
[docs] def is_peer_connected(self, timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT): self._log.debug('Checking for peer {}'.format(self.peer)) return self.peer in self.peers()
[docs] def publish(self, topic, headers=None, message=None, timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT): if timeout is None: raise ValueError('timeout cannot be None') timeout = int(timeout) 'pubsub', topic=topic, headers=headers, message=message ).get(timeout=timeout)
[docs] def subscribe(self, prefix, callback):'pubsub', prefix, callback)
[docs] def call(self, method, *args, **kwargs): timeout = kwargs.pop('timeout', DEFAULT_TIMEOUT) peer = kwargs.pop('peer', None) if peer is not None: return peer, method, *args, **kwargs).get(timeout=timeout) if self.peer is not None: return self.peer, method, *args, **kwargs).get(timeout=timeout) raise ValueError("peer not specified on class or as method argument.")
[docs] def notify(self, method, *args, **kwargs): peer = kwargs.pop('peer') if peer is not None: return peer, method, *args, **kwargs) if self.peer is not None: return self.peer, method, *args, **kwargs) raise ValueError("peer not specified on class or as method argument.")
[docs] def kill(self, *args, **kwargs): if self._greenlet is not None: self._greenlet.kill(*args, **kwargs) del(self._greenlet) self._greenlet = None