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""" Core package."""

import logging
import os
import psutil
import sys

__version__ = '5.1.0'

[docs]def set_home(home=None): """ Set the home directory with user and variables expanded. If the home is sent in, it used. Otherwise, the default value of '~/.volttron' is used. """ os.environ["VOLTTRON_HOME"] = home or get_home()
[docs]def get_home(): """ Return the home directory with user and variables expanded. If the VOLTTRON_HOME environment variable is set, it used. Otherwise, the default value of '~/.volttron' is used. """ vhome = os.path.abspath( os.path.normpath( os.path.expanduser( os.path.expandvars( os.environ.get('VOLTTRON_HOME', '~/.volttron'))))) if vhome.endswith('/'): vhome = vhome[:-1] if os.environ.get('VOLTTRON_HOME') is not None: log = logging.getLogger('volttron') log.warn("Removing / from the end of VOLTTRON_HOME") os.environ['VOLTTRON_HOME'] = vhome return vhome
[docs]def get_address(): """Return the VIP address of the platform If the VOLTTRON_VIP_ADDR environment variable is set, it used. Otherwise, it is derived from get_home().""" address = os.environ.get('VOLTTRON_VIP_ADDR') if not address: abstract = '@' if sys.platform.startswith('linux') else '' address = 'ipc://%s%s/run/vip.socket' % (abstract, get_home()) return address
[docs]def get_volttron_root(): """ Returns the root folder where the volttron code base resideds on disk. :return: absolute path to root folder """ return os.path.dirname( os.path.dirname( os.path.dirname( os.path.abspath(__file__) ) ) )
[docs]def get_volttron_data(): root = get_volttron_root() return os.path.join(root, "volttron_data")
[docs]def get_services_core(agent_dir=None): root = get_volttron_root() services_core = os.path.join(root, "services/core") if not agent_dir: return services_core return os.path.join(services_core, agent_dir)
[docs]def get_ops(agent_dir=None): root = get_volttron_root() ops_dir = os.path.join(root, "services/ops") if not agent_dir: return ops_dir return os.path.join(ops_dir, agent_dir)
[docs]def get_examples(agent_dir): root = get_volttron_root() examples_dir = os.path.join(root, "examples") if not agent_dir: return examples_dir return os.path.join(examples_dir, agent_dir)
[docs]def is_instance_running(volttron_home=None): from volttron.platform.agent import json as jsonapi if volttron_home is None: volttron_home = get_home() instance_file = os.path.expanduser("~/.volttron_instances") if not os.path.isfile(instance_file): return False with open(instance_file, 'r') as fp: jsonobj = jsonapi.loads( if volttron_home not in jsonobj: return False obj = jsonobj[volttron_home] pid = obj.get('pid', None) if not pid: return False return psutil.pid_exists(pid)