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# under Contract DE-AC05-76RL01830
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from __future__ import absolute_import

from contextlib import closing

from zmq import green as zmq
from volttron.platform.agent import json as jsonapi

from . import Core, RPC, PeerList, PubSub
from .subsystems.pubsub import encode_peer
from volttron.platform.messaging.headers import Headers

[docs]class CompatPubSub(object): '''VOLTTRON 2.x compatible agent pub/sub message exchange bus. Accept multi-part messages from sockets connected to in_addr, which is a PULL socket, and forward them to sockets connected to out_addr, which is a XPUB socket. When subscriptions are added or removed, a message of the form 'subscriptions/<OP>/<TOPIC>' is broadcast to the PUB socket where <OP> is either 'add' or 'remove' and <TOPIC> is the topic being subscribed or unsubscribed. When a message is received of the form 'subscriptions/list/<PREFIX>', a multipart message will be broadcast with the first two received frames (topic and headers) sent unchanged and with the remainder of the message containing currently subscribed topics which start with <PREFIX>, each frame containing exactly one topic. ''' PEER = b'pubsub' PUBLISH_ADDRESS = 'inproc://vip/compat/agent/publish' SUBSCRIBE_ADDRESS = 'inproc://vip/compat/agent/subscribe' def __init__(self, identity=None, address=None, context=None, peer=PEER, publish_address=PUBLISH_ADDRESS, subscribe_address=SUBSCRIBE_ADDRESS): self.core = Core( self, identity=identity, address=address, context=context) self.rpc = RPC(self.core, self) self.peerlist = PeerList(self.core) self.pubsub = PubSub(self.core, self.rpc, self.peerlist, self) self.peer = peer self.publish_address = publish_address self.subscribe_address = subscribe_address self.in_sock = None self.out_sock = None
[docs] @Core.receiver('onsetup') def setup(self, sender, **kwargs): self.in_sock = zmq.Socket(self.core.context, zmq.PULL) self.out_sock = zmq.Socket(self.core.context, zmq.XPUB)
[docs] @Core.receiver('onstart') def in_loop(self, sender, **kwargs): # pylint: disable=unused-argument peer = self.peer with closing(self.in_sock) as sock: sock.bind(self.publish_address) while True: message = sock.recv_multipart() #log.debug('incoming message: {!r}'.format(message)) topic = message[0] if (topic.startswith('subscriptions/list') and topic[18:19] in ['/', '']): if len(message) > 2: del message[2:] elif len(message) == 1: message.append('') prefix = topic[19:].decode('utf-8') topics = self.pubsub.list( peer, prefix, subscribed=False).get() message.extend(topic.encode('utf-8') for _, topic, _ in topics) self.out_sock.send_multipart(message) else: message = [part.decode('utf-8') for part in message] try: topic, headers = message[:2] except (ValueError, TypeError): continue headers = jsonapi.loads(headers) message = message[2:] self.pubsub.publish(peer, topic, headers, message).get()
[docs] @Core.receiver('onstart') def out_loop(self, sender, **kwargs): # pylint: disable=unused-argument peer = self.peer with closing(self.out_sock) as sock: sock.bind(self.subscribe_address) while True: message = sock.recv() if message: add = bool(ord(message[0])) topic = message[1:].decode('utf-8') if add: self.pubsub.subscribe(peer, topic, self.forward).get() else: self.pubsub.unsubscribe(peer, topic, self.forward).get() #log.debug('incoming subscription: {} {!r}'.format( # ('add' if add else 'remove'), topic)) sock.send('subscriptions/{}{}{}'.format( ('add' if add else 'remove'), ('' if topic[:1] == '/' else '/'), topic).encode('utf-8'))
[docs] def forward(self, peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): headers = Headers(headers) headers['VIP.peer'] = encode_peer(peer) headers['VIP.sender'] = encode_peer(sender) headers['VIP.bus'] = bus parts = [topic] if message is not None: if 'Content-Type' in headers: if isinstance(message, list): parts.extend(message) else: parts.append(message) else: parts.append(jsonapi.dumps(message)) headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json' parts.insert(1, jsonapi.dumps(headers.dict)) self.out_sock.send_multipart(parts)
[docs]def unpack_legacy_message(headers, message): '''Unpack legacy pubsub messages for VIP agents. Loads JSON-formatted message parts and removes single-frame messages from their containing list. Does not alter headers. ''' if not isinstance(headers, Headers): headers = Headers(headers) try: content_type = headers['Content-Type'] except KeyError: return headers, message if isinstance(content_type, basestring): if content_type.lower() == 'application/json': if isinstance(message, list) and len(message) == 1: return jsonapi.loads(message[0]) if isinstance(message, basestring): return jsonapi.loads(message) if isinstance(message, list) and len(message) == 1: return message[0] if isinstance(content_type, list) and isinstance(message, list): parts = [(jsonapi.loads(msg) if str(ctype).lower() == 'application/json' else msg) for ctype, msg in zip(content_type, message)] parts.extend(message[len(parts):]) if len(parts) == len(content_type) == 1: return parts[0] return parts return message