Platforms Agents Status Endpoints

Platforms Agents Status endpoints expose functionality associated with getting status for a single agent running on a VOLTTRON platform. Only a GET method is currently implemented.


All Platforms Agents Status endpoints require a JWT bearer token obtained through the POST /authenticate or PUT /authenticate endpoints.

GET /platforms/:platform/agents/:agent/status

Get status for a specific agent on the platform.


  • Authorization: BEARER <jwt_access_token>


  • With valid BEARER token on success: 200 OK
    • Content Type: application/json

    • Body:

       "name": "<wheel_name>",
       "uuid": "<uuid>",
       "tag": "<tag>",
       "priority": "<int>",
       "running": <true|false>,
       "enabled": <true|false>,
       "pid": <int>,
       "exit_code": <null|int>
  • With valid BEARER token on failure: 400 Bad Request
    • Content Type: application/json

    • Body:

          "error": "<Error Message>"
  • With invalid BEARER token: 401 Unauthorized