platform_driver.interfaces.obix module

class platform_driver.interfaces.obix.Interface(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: platform_driver.interfaces.BasicRevert, platform_driver.interfaces.BaseInterface

configure(config_dict, registry_config)[source]

Configures the Interface for the specific instance of a device.

  • config_dict (dict) – The “driver_config” section of the driver configuration file.

  • registry_config_str (str) – The contents of the registry configuration file.

This method must setup register representations of all points on a device by creating instances of BaseRegister (or a subclass) and adding them to the Interface with BaseInterface.insert_register().


Get the current value for the point name given.

  • point_name (str) – Name of the point to retrieve.

  • kwargs – Any interface specific parameters.


Point value

parse_config(configDict, url)[source]
class platform_driver.interfaces.obix.Register(url, point_name, obix_point_name, obix_type_str, read_only, units, description='')[source]

Bases: platform_driver.interfaces.BaseRegister

get_value_async_result(username=None, password=None)[source]
obix_types = {'bool': <function Register.<lambda>>, 'int': <class 'int'>, 'real': <class 'float'>}
set_value_async_result(value, username=None, password=None)[source]