platform_driver.interfaces.ted_meter package

The TED Driver allows scraping of TED Pro Meters via an HTTP API

class platform_driver.interfaces.ted_meter.Interface(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: platform_driver.interfaces.BasicRevert, platform_driver.interfaces.BaseInterface

Create an interface for the TED device using the standard BaseInterface convention

configure(config_dict, registry_config_str)[source]

Configure method called by the platform driver with configuration stanza and registry config file, we ignore the registry config, as we build the registers based on the configuration collected from TED Pro Device


returns a tuple of ETree objects corresponding to the three aapi endpoints


Get the current value for the point name given.

  • point_name (str) – Name of the point to retrieve.

  • kwargs – Any interface specific parameters.


Point value


We override the default insert_register behavior so that we can automatically create additional totalized registers when track_totalizers is True

class platform_driver.interfaces.ted_meter.Register(volttron_point_name, units, description)[source]

Bases: platform_driver.interfaces.BaseRegister

Generic class for containing information about a the points exposed by the TED Pro API

  • register_type (str) – Type of the register. Either “bit” or “byte”. Usually “byte”.

  • pointName (str) – Name of the register.

  • units (str) – Units of the value of the register.

  • description (str) – Description of the register.

The TED Meter Driver does not expose the read_only parameter, as the TED API does not support writing data.