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# under Contract DE-AC05-76RL01830
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import datetime
import logging
import sys
import time
import gevent

from volttron.platform.agent import utils
from volttron.platform.agent.base_historian import BaseHistorian, add_timing_data_to_header
from volttron.platform.agent.known_identities import PLATFORM_HISTORIAN
from volttron.platform.keystore import KnownHostsStore
from volttron.platform.messaging import headers as headers_mod
from import STATUS_BAD, Status
from import build_agent

_log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
__version__ = '0.1'

[docs]def historian(config_path, **kwargs): config = utils.load_config(config_path) destination_vip = config.get('destination-vip', None) assert destination_vip is not None hosts = KnownHostsStore() destination_serverkey = hosts.serverkey(destination_vip) if destination_serverkey is not None: config['destination-serverkey'] = destination_serverkey else: assert config.get('destination-serverkey') is not None"Destination serverkey not found in known hosts file, using config") utils.update_kwargs_with_config(kwargs, config) return DataMover(**kwargs)
[docs]class DataMover(BaseHistorian): """This historian forwards data to another platform. """ def __init__(self, destination_vip, destination_serverkey, destination_historian_identity=PLATFORM_HISTORIAN, remote_identity=None, **kwargs): """ :param destination_vip: vip address of the destination volttron instance :param destination_serverkey: public key of the destination server :param services_topic_list: subset of topics that are inherently supported by base historian. Default is device, analysis, logger, and record topics :param custom_topic_list: any additional topics this historian should subscribe to. :param destination_historian_identity: vip identity of the destination historian. default is 'platform.historian' :param destination_instance_name: instance name of destination server :param kwargs: additional arguments to be passed along to parent class """ kwargs["process_loop_in_greenlet"] = True self.destination_instance_name = kwargs.pop('destination_instance_name', None) self.destination_message_bus = kwargs.pop('destination_message_bus', 'zmq') super(DataMover, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.destination_vip = destination_vip self.destination_serverkey = destination_serverkey self.destination_historian_identity = destination_historian_identity self.remote_identity = remote_identity self._target_platform = None self.local_message_bus = utils.get_messagebus() self.rmq_to_rmq_comm = False config = {"destination_vip":self.destination_vip, "destination_serverkey": self.destination_serverkey, "destination_historian_identity": self.destination_historian_identity, "remote_identity": self.remote_identity } self.update_default_config(config) _log.debug("My identity {}".format(self.core.identity)) # will be available in both threads. self._last_timeout = 0 if self.local_message_bus == 'rmq' and self.destination_message_bus == 'rmq': self.rmq_to_rmq_comm = True
[docs] def configure(self, configuration): self.destination_vip = str(configuration.get('destination_vip', "")) self.destination_serverkey = str(configuration.get('destination_serverkey', "")) self.destination_historian_identity = str(configuration.get('destination_historian_identity', PLATFORM_HISTORIAN)) self.remote_identity = configuration.get("remote_identity")
# Redirect the normal capture functions to capture_data. def _capture_device_data(self, peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): self.capture_data(peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message) def _capture_log_data(self, peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): self.capture_data(peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message) def _capture_analysis_data(self, peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): self.capture_data(peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message) def _capture_record_data(self, peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): self.capture_data(peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message)
[docs] def timestamp(self): return time.mktime(
[docs] def capture_data(self, peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): # Grab the timestamp string from the message (we use this as the # value in our readings at the end of this method) _log.debug("In capture data") timestamp_string = headers.get(headers_mod.DATE, None) data = message try: if isinstance(data, dict): data = data elif isinstance(data, int) or isinstance(data, float): data = data except ValueError as e: log_message = "message for {topic} bad message string: {message_string}" _log.error(log_message.format(topic=topic, message_string=message[0])) raise topic = self.get_renamed_topic(topic) if self.gather_timing_data: add_timing_data_to_header(headers, self.core.agent_uuid or self.core.identity, "collected") payload = {'headers': headers, 'message': data} self._event_queue.put({'source': "forwarded", 'topic': topic, 'readings': [(timestamp_string, payload)]})
[docs] def publish_to_historian(self, to_publish_list): _log.debug("publish_to_historian number of items: {}".format(len(to_publish_list))) current_time = self.timestamp() last_time = self._last_timeout _log.debug('Last timeout: {} current time: {}'.format(last_time, current_time)) if self._last_timeout: # if we failed we need to wait 60 seconds before we go on. if self.timestamp() < self._last_timeout + 60: _log.debug('Not allowing send < 60 seconds from failure') return if not self.rmq_to_rmq_comm: if not self._target_platform: self.historian_setup() if not self._target_platform: _log.debug('Could not connect to target') return to_send = [] for x in to_publish_list: topic = x['topic'] headers = x['value']['headers'] message = x['value']['message'] if self.gather_timing_data: add_timing_data_to_header(headers, self.core.agent_uuid or self.core.identity, "forwarded") to_send.append({'topic': topic, 'headers': headers, 'message': message}) with gevent.Timeout(30): try: _log.debug("Sending to destination historian.") self.report_all_handled() # If local and destination platforms are using RMQ message bus, # then shovel will be used to setup the connection and forwarding # of data. All we need to do is perform normal RPC and specify # destination instance name if self.rmq_to_rmq_comm: kwargs = {"external_platform": self.destination_instance_name}, 'insert', to_send, **kwargs).get(timeout=10) else:, 'insert', to_send).get( timeout=10) except gevent.Timeout: self._last_timeout = self.timestamp() if self._target_platform: self._target_platform.core.stop() self._target_platform = None _log.error("Timeout when attempting to publish to target.") STATUS_BAD, "Timeout occurred")
[docs] def historian_setup(self): if self.rmq_to_rmq_comm: _log.debug("Setting up to forward to {}".format(self.destination_instance_name)) self._target_platform = None else: _log.debug("Setting up to forward to {}".format(self.destination_vip)) try: agent = build_agent(address=self.destination_vip, serverkey=self.destination_serverkey, publickey=self.core.publickey, secretkey=self.core.secretkey, enable_store=False, identity=self.remote_identity, instance_name=self.destination_instance_name) except gevent.Timeout:, "Timeout in setup of agent") try: status = Status.from_json(, status) except KeyError: _log.error("Error getting the health status") else: self._target_platform = agent
[docs] def historian_teardown(self): # Kill the forwarding agent if it is currently running. if self._target_platform is not None: self._target_platform.core.stop() self._target_platform = None
[docs]def main(argv=sys.argv): utils.vip_main(historian)
if __name__ == '__main__': try: sys.exit(main()) except KeyboardInterrupt: pass