Security Update Notes

This is a list of updates to security-related functionality in VOLTTRON that either break backward compatibility or may have noticeable impact to the user.

Version 3.5rc1

  • $VOLTTRON_HOME/auth.json should not be edited with a text editor. Use volttron-ctl commands auth-list, auth-add, auth-remove, and auth-update to view and manipulate that file.
  • #-style comments are no longer supported in $VOLTTRON_HOME/auth.json. Use the comments and enabled fields. (See the agent authentication walkthrough.)

Version 4.0

  • The $VOLTTRON_HOME/curve.key file has been replaced with a key store`. Use the scripts/ script to update an existing key pair.
  • A mechanism field has been added to the auth file. Therefore, the credentials field no longer is prepended with a mechanism such as “CURVE:”. VOLTTRON automatically updates the auth entires to use the new field.
    • Entries with a regular expression in the credentials field cannot be upgraded.
  • Security-related commands for volttron-ctl have been moved to a auth subcommand. (See the auth command documentation.)