BACnet Router Addressing

The underlying library that Volttron uses for BACnet supports IP to MS/TP routers. Devices behind the router use a Remote Station address in the form:


where <network> is the configured network ID of the router and <address> is the address of the device behind the router.

For example to access the device at <address> 12 for a router configured for <network> 1002 can be accessed with this address:


<network> must be number from 0 to 65534 and <address> must be a number from 0 to 255.

This type of address can be used anywhere an address is required in configuration of the Volttron BACnet driver.


VOLTTRON uses a UDP broadcast mechanism to establish the route to the device. If the route cannot be established it will fall back to a UDP broadcast for all communication with the device. If the IP network where the router is connected blocks UDP broadcast traffic then these addresses will not work.