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import logging

from volttron.platform.agent.known_identities import (
from import (Agent, RPC)

_log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class VCConnection(Agent): """ This agent will connect to an instance with volttron.central agent connected to it. The volttron.central agent will use this agent to communicate with the platform.agent(vcp) running on the current instance of the platform. """ def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._log = logging.getLogger(self.__class__.__name__) super(VCConnection, self).__init__(**kwargs) self._main_agent = None self.server = None self.peer = CONTROL
[docs] def set_main_agent(self, main_agent): """ The main agent is the VCP that is using this agent to connect to the remote volttron instance. :param main_agent: the agent that instantiated this one. :type VolttronCentralPlatform: """ self._main_agent = main_agent self.server = self._main_agent
[docs] def publish_to_vc(self, topic, message=None, headers={}): """ This method allows the main_agent to publish a message up to the volttron.central instance. :param topic: :param message: :param headers: """'pubsub', topic, headers, message).get(timeout=5)
[docs] @RPC.export def start_bacnet_scan(self, iam_topic, proxy_identity, low_device_id=None, high_device_id=None, target_address=None, scan_length=5): """ Starts a bacnet scan using the the named proxy_identity as the callee. :param iam_topic: :param proxy_identity: :param low_device_id: :param high_device_id: :param target_address: :param scan_length: :return: """ self._main_agent.start_bacnet_scan(iam_vc_response_topic=iam_topic, proxy_identity=proxy_identity, low_device_id=low_device_id, high_device_id=high_device_id, target_address=target_address, scan_length=scan_length)
[docs] @RPC.export def get_instance_uuid(self): """ Retrieve the instance uuid for the vcp agent's instance. :return: """ return self._main_agent.get_instance_uuid()
[docs] @RPC.export def get_health(self): """ Retrieve the health of the vcp agent. :return: """ return
[docs] @RPC.export def start_agent(self, agent_uuid): """ Start an agent that is already present on the vcp instance. :param agent_uuid: :return: """ return self._main_agent.start_agent(agent_uuid)
[docs] @RPC.export def stop_agent(self, agent_uuid): """ Stop an agent already running on the vcp instance. :param agent_uuid: :return: """ return self._main_agent.start_agent(agent_uuid)
[docs] @RPC.export def restart(self, agent_uuid): """ Performs the stop and start operations on the vcp instance for an agent. :param agent_uuid: :return: """ stop_result = self.stop_agent(agent_uuid) start_result = self.start_agent(agent_uuid) return stop_result, start_result
[docs] @RPC.export def agent_status(self, agent_uuid): """ Retrieves the status of a particular agent executing on the vcp instance. The agent does not have to be executing in order to receive it's status. :param agent_uuid: :return: """ return self._main_agent.agent_status(agent_uuid)
[docs] @RPC.export def status_agents(self): """ Return all of the installed agents' statuses for the vcp instance. :return: """ return self._main_agent.status_agents()
[docs] @RPC.export def get_devices(self): """ Retrieves configuration entries from the config store that begin with 'devices'. :return: dictionary of devices. """ self._log.debug("Getting devices in") return self._main_agent.get_devices()
[docs] @RPC.export def publish_bacnet_props(self, proxy_identity, publish_topic, address, device_id, filter=[]): self._log.debug('Publishing bacnet props to topic: {}'.format( publish_topic)) self._main_agent.publish_bacnet_props( proxy_identity, publish_topic, address, device_id, filter=[])
[docs] @RPC.export def store_agent_config(self, agent_identity, config_name, raw_contents, config_type='raw'): """ Store an agent configuration on the volttron instance associated with this agent. :param agent_identity: :param config_name: :param raw_contents: :param config_type: :return: None """ return self._main_agent.store_agent_config(agent_identity, config_name, raw_contents, config_type)
[docs] @RPC.export def list_agent_configs(self, agent_identity): """ List the agent configuration files stored on the volttron instance associated with this agent. :param agent_identity: Agent identity to retrieve configuration from. :return: A list of the configuration names. """ return self._main_agent.list_agent_configs(agent_identity)
[docs] @RPC.export def get_agent_config(self, agent_identity, config_name, raw=True): """ Retrieve the configuration from the config store of the passed agent identity. :param agent_identity: :param config_name: :param raw: :return: The stored configuration. """ return self._main_agent.get_agent_config(agent_identity, config_name, raw)
[docs] @RPC.export def delete_agent_config(self, agent_identity, config_name): """ Deletes the configuration from the config store of the passed agent identity. :param agent_identity: :param config_name: :return: The stored configuration. """ return self._main_agent.delete_agent_config(agent_identity, config_name)
[docs] @RPC.export def subscribe_to_vcp(self, prefix, prefix_on_vc): """ Allows volttron.central to listen to the message bus on vcp instance. :param prefix: The prefix to listen for. :param prefix_on_vc: The prefix to publish to on volttron central instance. """"VC subscribing to prefix: {}".format(prefix))"VCP will publish to {} on VC".format(prefix_on_vc)) def subscription_wrapper(peer, sender, bus, topic, headers, message): # We only publish up to vc for things that aren't forwarded. if 'X-Forwarded' in headers: return self._log.debug("publishing to VC topic: {}".format( prefix_on_vc + topic )) # Prepend the specified prefix to the topic that was passed # to the method self.publish_to_vc(prefix_on_vc+topic, message, headers) # Use the main agent to do the subscription on.'pubsub', prefix, subscription_wrapper)
[docs] @RPC.export def call(self, platform_method, *args, **kwargs): return, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def kill(self): """Dummy method to use install_agent_vctl""" pass
[docs] def is_connected(self): connected = is not None self._log.debug("is_connected returning {}".format(connected)) return connected
[docs] def is_peer_connected(self, peer=VOLTTRON_CENTRAL): connected = peer in self._log.debug("is_connected returning {}".format(connected)) return connected
[docs] @RPC.export def route_to_agent_method(self, id, agent_method, params): """ Calls a method on an installed agent running on the platform. .. note:: This method only valid for installed agents not dynamic agents. :param id: :param agent_method: :param params: :return: """ self._log.debug("Routing method: {}".format(agent_method)) return self._main_agent.route_request(id, agent_method, params)
[docs] @RPC.export def get_vip_addresses(self): """ Retrieves the vip addresses that were specified in the configuration file or via command line. :return: """ return self._main_agent.get_external_vip_addresses()
[docs] @RPC.export def get_instance_name(self): return self._main_agent.get_instance_name()
[docs] @RPC.export def restart_agent(self, agent_uuid): """ Calls restart method on the vcp main agent instance. .. note:: This method only valid for installed agents not dynamic agents. :param agent_uuid: :return: """ return self._main_agent.restart(agent_uuid)
[docs] @RPC.export def list_agents(self): """ Calls list_agents method on the vcp main agent instance. .. note:: This method only valid for installed agents not dynamic agents. :return: """ return self._main_agent.list_agents()
[docs] @RPC.export def install_agent(self, local_wheel_file): """ Installs :param local_wheel_file: :return: """ return self._main_agent.install_agent